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On the Move Again…

I decided to use my new blog with Hello Hello instead of posting via this blog.

My plan is that I am going to post postings via Dina Marie’s Blog:  A Blog of a Deaf Entrepreneur & Single Mother from now on.  If interested into continuing by reading my blog, it can be found here.

Have a good day!


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Here is a new Hello Hello via YouTube. Please take some time to view this video. It explains of what Hello Hello can do for us. Enjoy!

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There’s another social networking called Hello Hello. Please feel free to check that website out and sign up for free. With Hello Hello, people get paid by sending emails, being on a chat, and etc. Members have the ability to create videos, polls, blogs, forum, and e-cards. Members also earn points by doing a variety of tasks. Isn’t that cool?!?

Members, who want to pay membership as ambassadors, get to have their blog to be set up with Hello Hello, which they can create and post their postings. Just like what I did with mine. Of course I still have some work on that blog.

FYI, Hello Hello is approaching to be launched sometimes this coming weekend. I am crossing my fingers. I wish programmers such a good luck into getting Hello Hello to be launched.


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I checked out a team website with Hello Hello this morning. I learned that a new name for the team with Hello Hello especially with deaf members had been changed. A new name of our team is Viking Dream Team – D. In case if some readers may be wondering of what does D stands for. That D stands for Deaf. Isn’t that cool name for a team?

I personally think that it is really a neat team name. Of course I have a dream to succeed with Hello Hello.

Anybody are welcome to check Hello Hello site. People, who are deaf, hearing, or hard of hearing are welcome to join.

Have a great day!

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