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I was reading two blogs entitled Whatever and Michelle my Belle yesterday. I was inspired and decided to go ahead and made a list of things, which I want to accomplish before I turn age 41. I know that time flies. It is about 5 months till my birthday comes up. My friends find it hard to believe that I am age 40 since I don’t look like I’m in the forties.

So, I want to gain my self-esteem, so that way I can feel good by using my time wisely. Here is my list shown below:

1. Read 3 books of my choice
2. Organize Home Office
3. Earn extra money by working at home
4. Remove and kill Bamboo plants for good
5. Set up a planter to start gardening
6. Apply Fertilizer on lawn
7. Apply moss killer in some sections on lawn
8. Learn to use a bread maker
9. Lose 10 pounds
10. Learn how to can (There’s an excellent posting to learn about canning apple pie in a jar)
11. Learn and use Money Merge Account (MMA)
12. Take MMA exam
13. Read Prepaid Legal documents
14. Read scripture – Job
15. Get things ready for garage sale in Spring time
16. Organize my Creative Memories products and supplies
17. Make a storybook
18. Learn and use my new digital camera
19. Add more pictures on my blogs
20. Associate with bloggers little more
21. Take a walk daily
22. Aerobics – a few times a week
23. Finish my Cats’ Picfolio
24. Call my cousin, Trudy
25. Call Pat to learn more of my aunt’s history (family history)
26. Finish Nolan’s 7×7 photo album
27. Finish 12×12 personal photo album
28. Learn to create my own greeting cards with Creative Memories
29. Visit my friend at Family Adult Home
30. Paint and decorate Nolan’s bedroom
31. Organize and sort out all my childhood pictures, Mother’s and Father’s in Power Sort boxes
32. Do a little bit of Interior Design inside the house
33. Do a little planting flowers in front and back yards
34. Learn and play with Storybook Creator 3.0
35. Purge and organize clothes


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