There’s another social networking called Hello Hello. Please feel free to check that website out and sign up for free. With Hello Hello, people get paid by sending emails, being on a chat, and etc. Members have the ability to create videos, polls, blogs, forum, and e-cards. Members also earn points by doing a variety of tasks. Isn’t that cool?!?

Members, who want to pay membership as ambassadors, get to have their blog to be set up with Hello Hello, which they can create and post their postings. Just like what I did with mine. Of course I still have some work on that blog.

FYI, Hello Hello is approaching to be launched sometimes this coming weekend. I am crossing my fingers. I wish programmers such a good luck into getting Hello Hello to be launched.



Here’s a cool You Tube video, which shows of how Creative Memories’ storybooks are being made.  Especially that these storybooks are currently made in house.  And good thing is that this video has captions. So, enjoy viewing this video!

I was reading a book  entitled Organizing from the Inside Out written by Julie Morgemstern.  Something came up in my mind of what I can do to reduce clutter in the house.  Guess what I did?  I purged all papers, forms, mixes, and even a very few jars since I am no longer in business with Taste of Gourmet.  Yes, their foods are delicious.  Unfortunately I have other interests that I want to pursue.

Also, I purged all papers from the file cabinet and a couple of notebooks that are in regards with Washington State Association of the Deaf  (WSAD), which I am no longer member of that organization.  I put them in the box.  I am expecting someone to pick up that box.  What a good start to reduce clutter!

I personally think that this book Organizing from the Inside Out is an excellent book to read.  Why?  It helps readers to analyze and figure out based on what are their habits and numerous of reasons why clutters at homes are not being taken care of.

From what I have learned is that my mother and grandmother had gone through the Great Depression in 1930’s.  My understanding is that some people, who experienced the Great Depression had some fears to let things go such as clothes, hats, jewels, etc.  Also, some people are being very frugal by saving money and cooking meals at home instead of eating out.

There is a perfect example.  I have learned from a family friend whom my mother used to go schools with in the old times, that my grandmother and my mother tended to make their coffee at home.  One of my mother’s family friend asked her (my mother) to go out and have a cup of coffee with her.  She said that she prefers to have coffee at home in order to save money.  I can see of how frugal she was.

Both my grandmother and my mother passed away, I still have surplus unopened boxes that are left in the unfinished basement, which I haven’t gone through for years since I moved and reside about 20 minutes north from Seattle.  Believe it or not.  I still have a white crib, swing, and bassinet in the unfinished basement.  I was in them when I was a baby years ago!  Oh yeah.  I gotta to get rid of them somehow.

I have learned that I had been somewhat vulnerable and depressed after my beloved mother passed away.  Then three years later, I met my ex-husband and married to him two years later.  I did not recognize that I was actually in Domestic Violence relationship.  While I was married, I had been feeling quite depressed and was not being productive as I should have.  Of course I still have a big scar from that marriage.   Then I had to go through heavy legal such as going through a divorce, parenting plan, and Guardian Ad Litem.  It last more than two years!

As for nowadays, my mind is quite clear and know what I need to accomplish.  I am much happier and am having peace in my life with my 5 years old son, Nolan.

At last, I am still reading this book.  My next goal is to straighten out my home office and get everything organized.  This way I don’t need to keep looking for papers I need and feel quite confused based on which paperwork I need to complete.

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I joined as a member with Prepaid Legal (PPL) last Wednesday, September 30th. I strongly feel that it is worth my time to be a member of that organization. It empowers me by being aware of what kinds of rights I have as American Citizen. Cool thing about PPL is that they have lifetime membership for children, who have learning disabilities as long as they live at home with their parent.

For more information of what PPL can do for you, people especially the deaf and hearing, who are familiar with sign language can take a look at this Empowering the Deaf website.

In addition, people can also go to that website to find out which state that they reside can offer.

Normally it costs $249, but there’s a reduction of price, which is only $72 plus one time activation fee of $10. That special expires on Sunday, October 11th.
Members have a choice of either just a member on their own or develop their business with PPL and earn extra money.

What did I do today?

I was in Seattle for a couple of appointments this morning.
Went to Cats Exclusive Veterinary Center and bought dry food and salmon/potatoes wet food for my dear cat, Como.
I went to Costco and pick up pills from pharmacy.
I also bought a neat shark, buoyant, boat, and two cars at Costco for my 5 years old son, Nolan to play during his bath time. It’s a surprise for him. : )
I went to Costco gas station to put some more gas for my car.
I checked emails.
I watched a movie called Garfield’s Pet Force with Nolan.
I went to Nolan’s school for curriculum night and had a meeting with Nolan’s teacher.
We went to school meeting with the principal and vice principal.
I am watching The Biggest Loser TV show.

I had been learning and working for hours on the computer especially with a couple of programs by scanning and cropping a family picture yesterday. And I learned that I was able to select to have whole files to be converted to JPG. I also learned that TIF has high number of memory required. Still I have so much to learn.

Here is a really nice family picture of the three generations of the Castillo family being displayed below.

Nolan - age 5, Dina Marie, and Grandfather Luis Castillo.  He's age 90.  That picture was taken at his home located in Miami Lakes July 2009.

Nolan - age 5, Dina Marie, and Grandfather Luis Castillo. He's age 90. That picture was taken at his home located in Miami Lakes July 2009.