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On the Move Again…

I decided to use my new blog with Hello Hello instead of posting via this blog.

My plan is that I am going to post postings via Dina Marie’s Blog:  A Blog of a Deaf Entrepreneur & Single Mother from now on.  If interested into continuing by reading my blog, it can be found here.

Have a good day!


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I was reading one of my favorite blogs this past weekend.  Blogger of that blog expressed her concern in regards with having no friends, who she could have chat and do some different kinds of activities.

I absolutely understand her disappointments in friendship.  I somehow had an urge to share my personal thought and advice in regards to this issue.  Here is what I wrote yesterday:

I understand your disappointments with friendship you had with your friends. My understanding is that families sometimes are there for us while friends tend to come and go. Sometimes families can be good and supportive while other families are not.

For instance, all my relatives live in Italy and Miami, FLA. I get to see my father and relatives in Miami only once a year. Am I close to them? No since I have my own life here in the Pacific NW. Plus I have different kind of lifestyle.

Sometimes I feel frustrated with a few friends, whom I cannot trust. Still I have a hope that I meet new friends, so that way I can build up true friendships in the near future.

It is also true that a few of my friends, who are still happily married and it is somewhat hard for me to be friends with them since I am divorced and a single mother. And I have experienced Domestic Violence in a previous marriage.

The important thing is that I focus by taking care of myself, my son and my cat – Como. Also, I have tasks, which I want to accomplish such as taking care of my home, yard, and home businesses. I also constantly remember to count my blessings based on what I have.

My advice for you to be happy of what you have such as you have a husband and family members to share with. Perhaps you may meet new friends in the near future. I hope that you continue by counting your blessings based on what you have.

At last, I keep reminding myself to continue by counting my blessings almost daily.

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