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Here is a new Hello Hello via YouTube. Please take some time to view this video. It explains of what Hello Hello can do for us. Enjoy!


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There’s another social networking called Hello Hello. Please feel free to check that website out and sign up for free. With Hello Hello, people get paid by sending emails, being on a chat, and etc. Members have the ability to create videos, polls, blogs, forum, and e-cards. Members also earn points by doing a variety of tasks. Isn’t that cool?!?

Members, who want to pay membership as ambassadors, get to have their blog to be set up with Hello Hello, which they can create and post their postings. Just like what I did with mine. Of course I still have some work on that blog.

FYI, Hello Hello is approaching to be launched sometimes this coming weekend. I am crossing my fingers. I wish programmers such a good luck into getting Hello Hello to be launched.


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I joined as a member with Prepaid Legal (PPL) last Wednesday, September 30th. I strongly feel that it is worth my time to be a member of that organization. It empowers me by being aware of what kinds of rights I have as American Citizen. Cool thing about PPL is that they have lifetime membership for children, who have learning disabilities as long as they live at home with their parent.

For more information of what PPL can do for you, people especially the deaf and hearing, who are familiar with sign language can take a look at this Empowering the Deaf website.

In addition, people can also go to that website to find out which state that they reside can offer.

Normally it costs $249, but there’s a reduction of price, which is only $72 plus one time activation fee of $10. That special expires on Sunday, October 11th.
Members have a choice of either just a member on their own or develop their business with PPL and earn extra money.

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I learned from a friend of mine via Facebook, who shared about a new website called Hello Hello.  The reason why this company is called Hello Hello is because when users get online and greet with other users, the very first word they tend to say was “Hello” and then the other user replied, “Hello”.  No wonder why this company is called Hello Hello.

This website is similar with Facebook.  Users are able to add other users as friends just like Facebook.

People, who signed up with Hello Hello, have an opportunity to earn extra money.  My understanding that users are invited to sign up with Hello Hello at no charge since they are using social network.  When this website is set up officially with upgrades, members have three choices, which are join at no charge, pay the fee of $19.99, or the fee of $59.99.  For more information, which can be found on that website.

I somehow had an urge and I signed up with Hello Hello last Sunday night.  So, I am looking forward to learn about this Work at Home opportunity!

If anybody, who are interested into signing up with Hello Hello, are welcome to sign up under my username, which is deafbusybee.


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